Offensive Lineman Dylan Fairchild Honored as a 2021 All-American

Dylan Fairchild (Cumming, Georgia/ West Forsyth H.S.), the University of Georgia commit, was officially honored today as a 2021 All-American.
All-American Bowl

Offensive Lineman Dylan Fairchild (Cumming, Georgia/ West Forsyth H.S.), the University of Georgia commit, was officially honored today as a 2021 All-American during a virtual jersey presentation as part of the tenth episode of the Road to the Dome digital series.

The episode was released tonight at 8 p.m. ET on the NBC Sports YouTube channel. Additional All-Americans featured in tonight’s episode include Emeka Egbuka, Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins, Nolan Rucci, Camar Wheaton, and James Williams.

Having been selected as an All-American in the twenty-first edition of the All-American Bowl, Fairchild will be celebrated as part of a special two-hour “All-American Bowl: Declaration Day” honoring each of this year’s 100 All-Americans on Saturday January 2, on NBC.

NBC will broadcast the “All-American Dream,” a one-hour special showcasing the All-American Bowl history and highlighting the stories of several players from this year’s All-American Class, on Dec. 6.

The Road to the Dome tour will continue to honor all 100 All-Americans with virtual jersey presentations during a 15-episode series that is released weekly through various digital and social platforms across NBC Sports.

Fairchild was selected by the All-American Bowl Selection Committee, consisting of the All-American Bowl and 247Sports.

Only 100 football players receive the honor of putting on the All-American Bowl jersey each year.

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